Teflon Belt

teflon belt
PTFE Glassfiber Belt
teflon mesh
teflon spiral dryer fabric
PTFE Spiral Belt
The benefit of our belts
1. Outstanding temperature resistance from -70°C to +260°C, with climate resistance and aging resistance.
2. Superior non-stick surface, easy to clean.
3. Excellent chemical resistance. Be Resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents.
4. Low friction factor (0.05-1), the best choice for self-lubricating free of oil.
5.High insulating property (small dielectric constant: 2.6, tangent is below 0.0025), anti-UV, anti-static.
6.Good stability in size (coefficient of elongation is lower than 0.5%), high strength, good mechanical performance.
1. Anti-static liners, intermediates, covers and conveyor belts.
2. As liners in welding of plastic products and the sealing of plastic sheet, film.
3. Insulating belt, liner, gasket in electrical industry.
4. Microwave liner, oven liner and food drying liner.
ptfe film edge
ptfe glassfiber edge
aramid fiber edge
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