Wood Based Panel Board

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-Forming belt, Spreader belt
Forming or spreader belts directly affecting the quality of composite wooden boards. Our solution is more economical way to guanranteee the quality and save cost.

-Pre-press belt, De-airing belt, Venting belt

Our ventilation belts have a permeable structure. The woven construction ensure the bearing capacity when using, and smooth surface not easy to stick the chips. High quality copper or carbon yarn woven in the polyester yarn make the belt highly conductive and prevent electrostatic build-up.
-Infeeding belt
The high performance silicon cover can suffer 300℃ high temperature. The based PET belt provide the stable support and good tenacity. This kind of composite technology replace the TPU belts to save a lot of cost.
-Pre-heating belt
dryer belt
The pre-heating units always be steam pre-heaters or microwave units. Our high air permeabilty belts allow steam through faster and more smoothly. The stable structure have much longer service time.
double rim seam for anti-static dryer fabric
Double Pin Seam
A good quality seam means a lot. If seam is not strong enough, the belt would out of shape very soon. Our experienced seam technology make sure the seam can suffer high pressure and temperature. special heat setting process ensure the stable construction. The PEEK material is available.
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