filter bag
PP filter cloth & filter bag
1.Acid, alkali and wear resistance ,anticorrosion and restoration.
2. High strength, good air and water permeability, and easy for cleaning
3. Continuous temperature: 130℃, and instant temperature:150℃
4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS
PPS filter cloth & filter bag
PPS is one of the most important high temperature thermoplastic polymers, include resistance to heat, acids and alkalies, and to mildew, to bleaches, aging, and abrasion. PPS is used to make filter fabric for papermaking felts, electrical insulation, specialty membranes, gaskets, and industrial dust collecting.
PET filter cloth & filter bag
1.Good acid and alkali resistance as well as good wear resistance.
2. Smooth fabric surface with good air permeability.
3. Normal using temperature:90 ℃ and instant using temperature: 110℃
NOMEX filter cloth & filter bag
 1. Aramid has excellent heat resistance, flame resistance, high temperature dimensional stability.
2.Aramid fiber  at different temperatures, strong retention rates at different times, including in the dry heat temperature of 250 C for 1000 hours under the conditions of its strength retention up to 60%. 
AC filter cloth & filter bag
1.Low differential pressure.
2.Good cleanability.
3.Low emission.
P84 filter cloth & filter bag
1.High temperature resistant 
2.Good chemical stability 
3.Good oxidize resistance 
Glass filter cloth & filter bag
Glass fibers are therefore used as a reinforcing agent for many polymer products; to form a very strong and relatively lightweight fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite material called glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). This structural material product contains little air, is more dense than glass wool, and is an especially good thermal insulator.
PTFE filter cloth & filter bag
1. Excellent chemical stability and heat resistance;
2. Perfect acids and alkali erosion;
3. Gas continuous operating temperature up to 240°C, instant temperature up to 280°C;
4. Hydrolysis resistance performance is excellent;
5. Good flame retardant, insulation, heat insulation, light stability, low coefficient of friction and small adhesion;
Anti-static filter bag
1.Can be water and oil repellent, and easy to clean. 
2.Wildely used in the dust collection of coal handling system in cement and power plants, blast furnace gas and so on.
Fireproof filter bag
1.Excellent abrasive resistance
2.Excellent acid and alkaline resistance 
3.Normal working temperature:190-210°C
Water&oil proof filter bag
1.High efficient filtration level
2.Depth type filtration
3.Wide range of chemically compatible media
4.High temperature resistance
5.High flow efficiency
Self clean filter bag
1. Polypropylene neck ring, 304 stainless steel ring available. 
2. High temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, good hydrolysis stability, high filtration efficiency, durability

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