Press Filter Fabric

We innovative solutions for separation, purification, filtration of a suspension or powder in specialty chemicals, zeolites and catalysts, silica, colors, pigments and lacquers, polymers, alumina, magnesium oxide, BPA,  and a broad range of other products.

We provide a complete range of fabrics, including monofilament, multifilament and mixed mono-/multifilaments.


All  fabrics have a smooth surface and uniformly distributed pores. Monofilament fabrics deliver outstanding filtratio results. They do not clog during filtration and can be cleaned easily. Multifilament fabrics are used especially for their ability to retain very fine particles as well as their mechanical resistance. The mixed monofilament and multifilament fabrics combine several of their most useful properties.


-Filter Press Cloth in PET, PA, PP, and Anti-static material are used for plate, and frame filter press, chamber press and other presses.
-Widely used in liquid/solid, separation gas filtration and dust collection.
-Acid-resistance, alkali resistance, high strength, good permeability, high tensile elongation.
-Good abrasion resistance, easy separation.
-It specially apply to models with large capacity, it can ensure good filtering effect.
There are more styles with different material can supply, just contact us to help you find the suitable belts.We also provide OEM/ODM service to meet your unique requirement.