A much easier and faster way to diagnose COVID-19 
Serology test such as immunochromatography rapid test is highly recommended in combination
use of nucleic acid test in COVID-19 because
1. The COVID-19 coronavirus misdiagnosis is a huge concern due to many reasons and more likely happens if only rely on single PCR test result.
2. The PCR/molecular tests require much higher standard and facilities to perform from both safety and quality perspectives. It becomes the major bottleneck to test suspected cases in time. Shortage of test performed will lead to potential mass infection events in terms of COVID-19.
3. Serology test may also function as markers for prognosis, virus tracing and epidemiology study.
IgM & IgG tests as lab confirmation method newly adopted in China from March
Serology tests have been adopted as one of the lab confirmation tests(molecular PCR, sequencing and serology) of CO VID-19, published on the Guideline for CO VID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment, 7th Edition by the National Health Commission of P.R.China dated March 3rd, 2020.
*Seroconversion of COVID-19 specific lgM antibodies usually can be detected in 3-5 days after symptoms*
*Confirm suspected infection cases when:
1.CO VID-19specific lgM and IgG antibody together show pos vein serum;
2.CO VID-19 specific IgG antibody seroconverts or 4 times higher titer changes measured
Performance studies overview
  ELISA test to COVID-19 IgM and IgG(RUO)       Advanced PCR test to COVID-19 RNA(RUO)