Lithium powder
Pharmaceutical industry: essential oil, chinese medicine extract, plant extract, egg embryo, fermenting liquid etc
Food industry: Olive oil, palm oilfood additives, fresh juice, instant coffee, malt extract, carbohydrate, instant beverage, tea powder, cocoa powder, corn paste etc.
Chemical industry: lithium battery, powders, crystals, granules, oxyde, explosive, strongly stimulation and highly toxic material etc.

A selection of different pore sizes allows optimum drying at maximum air/vapor permeability. Excellent cake release, superb quality and lifetime, ensures efficient and cost-effective drying. All fabrics and materials comply with current FDA or EU regulations on food safety.

plate filter press2
Filter Press 
vacuum belt filter3
Vacuum Belt Filter
filter bag
Bag Filter
vacuum belt dryer
Vacuum Belt Dryer
centrifuge machine
Centrifuge & Vibro Sifter
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