Dryer Fabric

Anti-Static Dryer Fabric
Dryer Fabric

dryer fabric
anti-static dryer fabric
anti-static dryer fabric for wood panel
- We provide more than 3 types of Anti-static dryer conveyor fabric to different demand.
- Stronger dual loop seam have longer service time.
- The high quality yarn ensure the performance of anti-static function.
- Copper yarn and anti-static yarn are all available.

Application: De-airing and pre-press process for wood based Panel production and any belt dryer or belt conveyor need anti-static function.

double loop seam
Double Pin Seam
Double pin provide super high strength.
anti-static dryer fabric enhanced seam
Spiral Seam
Spiral seam have flat and smooth surface 

Anti-hydrolysis Dryer Fabric
Dryer Fabric

double layer dryer fabric
single dryer fabric

Over 10 types of belt with flat yarn or round yarn match the requirement for dryer of pulp and paper, nonwoven fabric forming and etc.

The benefit of our dryer belt:

-High contact surface area and efficient heat transfer

-Excellent wear and jam resistance

-Strong warp loop seam

-Flexible and strong edge reinforcement

-Good heat transfer with increased pocket ventilation 

Application: Drying of paper, Nonwoven fabric forming, Belt Dryer.


Screen Mesh
Dryer Fabric

dryer screen mesh
screen mesh
  1. More than 20 types of opening size can be choosed. 
  2. The special heat setting process make the belts much stable
  3. High quality yarn can running under 180℃ with low shrinkage.
  4. Flat surface even in 100 meters long, 6 meters wide.
Application: Vegetable Drying, Food Drying, Nonwoven forming and drying, Mining Screen and etc.
Opening size range: 200μm×200μm - 4000μm×4000μm
There are more styles with different material can supply, just contact us to help you find the suitable belts.We also provide OEM/ODM service to meet your unique requirement.

Seam Type

single loop seam
Single loop seam
double loop seam
 Double loop seam
spiral pin seam
Spiral pin seam
endless seam
Endless joint

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