yarn extrusion machine
Not like other company,we own the monofilament technology. It's easy to control quality and meet different requirement, also make possible to do OEM service. We produce PPS, TEFLON and anti-hydrolytic yarn by ourself.
warping machine
The computer control from Germany ensure the the tension of each yarn is same so that the surface of fabric can be flat.
We have 100 light and 5 heavy looms to weave different fabric. These looms are all import from Germany and Sweden. The best machines make sure all the fabric is under our strictly standard.
7 meters wide heat setting machine with 2 heating mode. We choose mode according to different kind fabric. The diameter of roller is up to 80cm, so we can have larger stretching strengh. The fabric also can have larger curve angle so that the setting effect is much better.
heat setting machine
Full-automatic joint machine can save time and more accuracy than human. Face 10,000+ warp yarn, machine never tired and never make mistakes. So the joint is 100% perfact without any flaw.
autometic treatment machine
Aurora Filtech
is a group company with 3 plants who have more than 10 years experience. We are focus on researching kind of filter media with most advanced material to meet customers' requirement.
The Service
We have experienced sales engineers to help you to find out the most suitable products. OEM/ODM also is our highlight service which can help reduce cost and improve process performance. We have helped over 20 distributers to customizing products to improve their service and increase market shares. We are glad to cooperate with local distributers and grow up togher.
The Quality
We have a mature quality control system and imported equipments to ensure the consistent high quality. The strict standard we executing is same to famous companies like Sefar, GKD and Clearedge. All the material we use are high level from qualified suppliers. Every single product have unique number that can be tracked.
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