forming fabric
  • Nonwoven fabric forming
  • Paper forming
  • Graphite flake forming

Belt Forming Machine

Belt conveyor

anti-static dryer fabric
  • Wood panel board forming
  • Paper drying
  • Food drying

Board forming machine

Food drying machine

Belt dring machine

Vacuum belt filter
  • Power plant FGD filtration
  • Phosphoric acid filtration
  • Mining plant filtration
Vaccum belt filter
Vaccum disc filter

belt press filter
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Sand washing
  • Juice squeezing
  • Palm oil squeezing
Belt press fitler
vacuum dryer
  • Food drying
  • Liquid medicine drying
  • Tobacco drying 
  • Electrical parts drying

Vacuum belt dryer

Tunnel belt dryer

Belt dryer

filter fabric
  • Oil filtration
  • Mining filtration
  • Lithium phosphate filtraton
  • Sludge dewatering
  • ...

Frame press filter

Mambrane press filter

Drum filter

Disc filter

Leaf filter

dust filter
  • Power plant
  • Cement plant
  • ...

Bag filter

Dust collector

filter cartridge
Air filtration
Water filtration
Oil filtration

Air filter

Water filter

Oil filter


Our team have worked in filter media over 30 years. We also do OEM service for famous group companys more than 8 years.

We only choose the high quality raw material to ensure the final products have a long service time even under hostile usage.
We choose eco-friendly materials to help protect our earth. Also all processing are environment friendly. 
We provide professional OEM/ODM service for clients to meet requirement with a reasonable price. You can save cost to be more competitvely in market.
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